Week Calendar

Week Calendar went on a diet and gained muscles

The most user friendly and powerful calendar app released a brand new version: Week Calendar. With a style totally adapted to iOS 7 and with strong new features, Week Calendar creates the best calendar experience for iPhone users.


New in Week Calendar

iOS 7 Style

Week Calendar is simplified and looks a lot cleaner. Every single part of the app, like icons and colors now fully corresponds with iOS 7.


Sharing events with a person nearby is made easy with the new AirDrop support. If you want to share an event with your colleague or friend, just simply share it through AirDrop.

Black is Beautiful

Week Calendar meets the increasing demand for a Black Theme, that will give the users a calm feeling on their eyes.

Travel Time

Events with locations will show a travel time. The departure location will be determined smartly and if you don't have time enough to make it to the next event, the travel time color will be changed to red.


For a faster event entry Week Calendar helps you with AutoComplete. Fill in a word you already used and it will auto-complete the event title.

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